when trying to create pools and volumes on a OES2-SLES10 in iManager 2.7.2 I get the errormessage: This user does not have the correct credentials to authenticate to the CIMOM client.

The tree is a testree and brandnew. It contains 2 NetWare-Servers (6.5SP8 with eDir 8.8.4) and one OES2. I had the same problem with one of the two NetWare-Servers and couls solve it with modifiyng the openwbem.conf-file. I had to set the ladp-authentication server to the server that holds the master-replica.
Now I try to find this switch on the OES2-Linux-Server too, as I hope this will solve my problem. I can find the openwbem.conf file, but not the switch ldap_auth.ldap_host=

Thanks for your help in advance, Thomas