Does anyone have a definitive answer on deploying XP Pro with v10.1.2.0 of the ZCM agent using sysprep?

I cannot get the sysprepped machine to register with the ZCM server correctly.

The steps I am taking are

1. Delete the GUID entry from HKLM\Novell\Zenworks\PreAgent\GUID
(I am deleting the value not the key)
2. Delete the Machine name key from HKLM\Novell\Zenworks\RemoteManagement\Agent
3. Delete the file DeviceGUID from c:\program files\novell\zenworks\conf
4. Run ZISWIN.EXE and clear Image Safe Data and save answering no to the 2nd question.
5. Run sysprep using mini setup and reseal.
6 Cut image using Ghost

On restart the workstation appears to register with the ZCM server but when I deploy subsequent images from the ghost image they overwrite the previous work station registration.

At first I though it was the DeviceGUID file causing this but I am now deleting it and still get the same result.