I am setting up an new BM server and have come to a new problem. A workstation outside the subnet of the BM server can not ping it. The
workstation can ping every other server (which are all in the same
subnet (14)) or device in any other subnet as well, but can't ping the BM

To me this appears to be a problem that defining network routes in
Inetcfg will solve, however they are not taking.

When I put them in Inetcfg, they appear fine. i.e network route (4006 routeswitch). But these routes do
not show up in tcpcon. The other issue is there are some "old" routes in
tcpcon that can not be deleted either. I get a lot of "Object not
Found" errors. From what I understand, the routes when added in Inetcfg
should propogate automaticly to routes that tcpcon can view.

The routes do not appear and I assume the networks are not being

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to add these routes maunally ? Or
maybe TCPCON's cfg file is corrupt ?