We had Dell consultants come in to help us move our environment from our old SAN to our new one. They used san-copy to transfer the luns. Everything seemed to work out fine, except for our Groupwise cluster.
After transferring the luns to the new SAN and starting up the nodes in the cluster, the nodes would scan for new devices and partitions for 50 minutes! This normally takes a minute or two. The nodes would also not join the cluster. After fighting with it for 20 hrs on Friday night and Saturday, I had the reps point the cluster back to the original Luns on the old san. I then rebooted the nodes, and it still took about 25-30 minutes on the Scanning for devices and partitions.
They also appeared like they wouldn't join the cluster, but thankfully, after about 25 more minutes after ldncs.ncf was run, one by one, they eventually all joined again. Once they had joined, I rebooted some of the nodes and they were back to normal as far as scanning for devices and partitions and they joined the cluster much faster.

Now I'm second guessing myself and wonder if the initial try would have worked if I would have waited for a few hrs for the nodes to join after the Luns had been transferred to the new san.

Does anyone have any advice on what needs to be done in migrating luns for a cluster? Is this normal for the nodes to scan for devices and partitions for a long time after this change? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're gonna give this another try in February. Thanks