After installing BM37SP2, I get 403 forbidden on all websites.
When I disable 'Enforce Access Rules' everyone has access (off
The BorderManager Access Rules tab contains all rules we have defined,

the same as they were before the update.

Changing a rule generates these messages on the server:
13-08-2003 15:46:25 : BRDSRV-3.60-10
Waiting for timestamp synchronization of ACLCHECK.NLM.

13-08-2003 15:46:35 : BRDSRV-3.60-11
Timestamp synchronization of ACLCHECK.NLM is completed.

13-08-2003 15:46:37 : ACLCHECK-3.71-9
ACLCHECK.NLM is reading rules from NDS...

13-08-2003 15:46:37 : ACLCHECK-3.71-1
ACLCHECK.NLM read 12 rules from NDS.

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