Hardware HP ML110 G5 8GB RAM, 3.5 TB Disks. ESX 3.5
OS 3 x NW65 SP8 plus 1 x OES2 (SLES10 SP2 & OES2 SP1) all on ESX

Trying to install ZfD7 SP1 onto Netware Server NOT OES2
Extended the Schema and accepted the licence - no problem
Start the install, Select NETWARE (not OES) Server, get the message "preparing to copy files" the Novell Box comes up the progress bar get to over 3/4 and then stops. It sat there a whole day before I gave up and rebooted the workstation (XP SP3 + 3GB RAM)

Is ZfD incompatible with ESX? Maybe incompatible with OES2 in the Tree?

Anyone have any suggestions?