Does anyone know the exact the reason for this message? It seems, from other posts in the forums, that many people have experienced this although no-one seems to know for sure what causes it. I suspect it may be another "Caveat" that Novell seem to now include in all documentation for products they have ported to Linux.

My thoughts are as follows:

Basically I have a SLES 10 iSCSI Target server and two OES2 initiators in a two node NCS cluster. iFolder is configured as a clustered resource so therefore the data files (simias directory) is installed on the shared storage. I have experienced this error intermittently throughout the testing and the build process. I originally thought it was NSS/LUM related as I was using NSS on the shared storage however the error has also occurred when using Reiser. It seems the only solution when this happens is to uninstall and reinstall iFolder. As our system will eventually have 100+ users this would not be possible. Does anyone know if it's possible to reinstall iFolder and then copy but over the original simias folder therefore effectively restored all iFolder data?

It also does seem to occur whenever, for whatever reason, mono and other iFolder processes do not get shutdown 100% correctly on a particular node when a failover occurs. This then leaves files in /tmp and also .pid files which impact on mono when it tries to load next time. Rebooting the server has no effect.

I do believe that the problem may be server specific as on occasions the problem has only occurred on one of my two nodes.

Does anyone know the necessary commands to shut down all iFolder processes on a server while leaving Apache running so that other web services such as iManager can continue to function? The iFolder documentation goes through the process of creating an SSL certificate for Apache to use on the shared storage (therefore common between the servers) however this approach then means you are unable to start Apache (for access to other services) when iFolder and the shared volume are running on the other node.

I will add to this post if and when I know more as this problem does seem to affect many people and no-one has found the complete solution. Also perhaps someone could advise of the best logs to use/see for iFolder issues.