I'm preparing for switching from a very old server running a W2K3 with
GMS204 to a VMWare server running SLES10.2 with GMS203.

I'm reluctant to add a Trusted Application access for the new GMS, until
the old one is shut down, so in Authentication I've used the 'first'

If I log in to the admin interface, I can test the SOAP login when I
enter the Wireless Email details, and the Authentication details.
I can see the POA reacts correctly, and shows a user name authenticated
via SOAP there.

If I try to log in to the userinterface, I get an error that the user
could not be authenticated. I don't see any activity on the POA, on the
GMS it just reflects 'user xxx failed to log in to website' in the
Server Activity.

I can of course log in via the currently running GMS server on windows
with the same user / pass.

Best regards