Hi All

Environment BM3.9sp1, fresh install on NW6.5SP7 with tcp patch, Surfcontrol, 16GB ram, Dell PE2950's.

On two new servers we are seeing this wierd error whereby i can be viewing "www.amazon.com" and all is working great, then i perhaps wait a while then try and go back and for some reason i cannot connect to that site at all but i can to others.

However if i switch my proxy to "newserver2" then it works for a while until it doesnt and then i have to switch back then all is well again!. This isnt just for amazon that is just an example. Ive tried the proxy.cfg file from craigs site but i still am experiencing the same results.

Is BM somehow refusing to send me a page until a timeout period?. Its worth mentioning that when this happens collegues also cannot view that site going via the same proxy.

The site does resolve when i ping, as i thought it may be DNS but nope, a reboot will fix it.

Anyone got any ideas or have i cocked up the install somewhere?.