I have just installed iFolder 3.7 onto a SLES10SP2 server running as a virtual machine on a XEN domu (OES2Sp1). The SLES10SP2 is on OES2SP1. The installation program (Server part) hung at the writing iFolder settings, so after hunting around, I ran the command line version simias-server-setup. All went well until the part when a server certificate is presented, and you type Y to accept the certificate. At this point I get detected errors in server certificate, together with -21467622481 and -2146869232.

I then went into iManager and repaired the default certificates for the particular server (all validated fine) but this had no effect, so I then regenerated the default certificates, and still no joy.

I have also tried the following which gives the the error message the certificate signature is invalid:

certmgr -ssl ldaps:// -c -m Trust

Anyone got any ideas where to go from here?