I am attempting to install NetWare 6.5 SP1 for my home test/study network lab for preparation for a NetWare 6.5 CNA certification class, in order to be able to get as much hands-on as possible in the next 1-2weeks.

The systems I have available to choose for my server are 1) (fairly recent) IBM ThinkCentre 8189-E1U M50 [Pentium 4 (2.3 GHz), 1-GB DDR RAM (4 max), 80-GB ATA HDD, integrated(embedded) Intel 865G graphics controller, and an integrated Intel Pro/100 NIC (w/Wake-on-LAN) ]; and 2) an old HP Pavilion 7950 [AMD Athlon (1.2 GHz), 1-GB SDRAM (2 max), 80-GB ATA HDD, integrated(embedded) ATI graphics, and an integrated HP 10/100 NIC. I’d rather use the IBM if at all possible, for the performance and expansion advantages.

The Problem: The NetWare install was unable to recognize the integrated (embedded) Intel Pro/100 NIC in the IBM 8189. NetWare chose the CE100B NIC as the appropriate device driver, but, when I attempted to save and continue (using the default slot selected by NetWare – apparently the only one available), the driver load failed. I have tried a number of other Intel 100 drivers from the list, all failing in one way or the other. I searched Intel’s site for the supported NICs for NetWare 6.5, which confirmed that the integrated Intel Pro/100 NIC was supported, and even downloaded their driver package for NetWare, created a driver diskette, and selected the .LAN driver via the “unsupported drivers” option in NetWare. But still the load fails.

BTW, the NIC works just fine for a Novell Enterprise Linux/OES2/Xen (vers. 10) server install on the same box, for the NCE-ES Course lab.

I do not have ready access to other NICs (e.g. PCI – 3Com, Intel NExxx, etc.) at this time (living way out in the rural WNC mountains), but if necessary could wait until I go into town later this week to pick one up. However, I’d much prefer to be able to use the existing integrated Intel NIC if at all possible, and get this done and move on to building the rest of the class lab network.

Any ideas, insights, suggestions, or direction would be greatly appreciated.