Running GMS 2.0.4 with a GroupWise 7.0.3 system (and latest hot patches).

I have one customer with a Palm device who is experiencing problems synchronizing changes to his address book (mail and calendar is fine).

Changes made to the Palm device show up correctly (as changed) in the GMS WebPIM, but those changes never make it to the GroupWise system. I'm a little rusty with GMS (don't use it much) so I'm not sure what to check. We did run a GWCheck on his GroupWise mailbox and there were no major errors (and a second run showed no errors).

I'm wondering if he's just taxing the GMS system. He's a power user and he's synchronizing 7 different address books (including "unfiled") for a total of 1,455 entries. Could that be the issue? What's the recommended maximum for GMS?