Hey all,

I've got an issue at a WAN-enabled site that ran fine for year after year with no NAL application issues.

Here's the quickest run-down I can give you:

They are running ZDM 6.5.2 on the servers (we will be migrating them to new servers and just get 7 going at that time) and Netware 6.5.7 across the board.

The client is the 7.0 SP1 IR3 (though we get this behavior with any 6.x or 7.x version) because they own 7 and I wanted to test out multiple versions.

[Fact 1]
If an admin account logs onto a desktop computer, all the icons show that are supposed to show.

[Fact 2]
If a staff or student logs in from a fresh restart, the apps do not appear on the NAL menu, even after a refresh. Everything is assigned correctly, but even after hitting the F2 key at the Help screen for the app launcher, it shows that (for instance) the "Logoff" App Object is NOT associated with the user. Refreshing does nothing to help.

[Fact 3]
If I initially login as an admin account, logoff, then login as a staff or student, everything is there, every single time.

So essentially, logging in as an admin account fixed this behavior, but I don't know what's causing it.

By admin, I mean there's more relaxed restrictions, access to the entire server's folder structure, etc.

There haven't been any significant changes that I can think of that triggered this behavior. It seems to show up at random intervals as well, but the login process always fixes it if we go in as an admin first, then a staff or student.

We gave everyone admin rights to the local desktop and that doesn't do anything. Everyone is also using DLU with a shared desktop account and have been for years.

We do have 1 site on 7.0 SP1 IR3 across the board, server and client-wise with no issues similar to this. Then again, we also have older sites on the same config as the site(s) having issues and this is the first I've seen of something like this.

I've seen "disappearing icon" threads and the like, but don't know that there were any real resolutions that fit my case.

Any advice you guys might have, I'd love to hear it ;)