Have create a bundle to install ms office, the bundle has been download as per the status on zen adaptive agent. On both the bundle and device there is an error that states, "There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined".

I am assuming that I need to create a user for the bundle. Is that correct?

Currently I don't have any users sources configured. I only know this by reading in the bundle document and it mentions on page 46 of Software Distribution Reference, that "Before a bundle can be used on assigned devices, you must complete the steps..." . When I try to assign the bundle to a user there is no choice to do this. That is why I attempted to create a user source from the Configuration tab on ZCC.

Am I correct in assuming that I need to create user source before I can assign a user to the bundle?

I created a bundle to distribute acrobat reader but that was a repackage of a .exe install. not an mis. I didn't have to use a user for that one.
Any help would be appreciated.