I was wondering if anyone is running BM37 and Netware 6 on older Dellservers like the 1400 successfully or any servers for that matter. It
be using 2 private nics and one public.I don't know if it is an
incompatibility issue or what. I am working with Novell on it but am
other avenues too.

Replacing all hardware (another server) had no effect on the errors.
I am
trying to get a feeling of where the issues might be so I thought it I
get some success stories it might put me in the right direction

The reason I am asking is because after an upgrade from NW5 and BM35
then a fresh rebuild of NW6 and BM37, our client's server frequently
with Ethertsm errors that crashes the server so bad there is no abend
and we cannot make a coredump. Novell has not seen this error before
and I
am trying to figure out the best approach to resolving the issues.

I thought I would post it here because the server is only used for
BorderManager server and Internet use causes it to crash so I think it
be related more to BM and not Netware but I am just guessing.

Any suggestions, comments or replies would be much appreciated.