I'm running NetWare 6 with SP3 and Bodermanger 3.7 SP 1 or 2 whatever
the current one is. School's started backup and I find myself hitting
refresh all the time to get pages to form. This is very agravating is there =something I'm missing. Some option I can change that will make this
run smother. We have about 200 PC's going thur this BM server. I'll try to
explain the setup of how I have it running. All the PC's gateway's are
set to the BM private address and the server is running NAT and
transparent proxy. Some of the PC's have the proxy setting's in the web browser
I'm told that helps. Any suggestions.

Jeff Harms - Network Admin
Dewey Public Schools
#1 Bulldogger Rd
Dewey, OK 74029
(918) 534-0933 ext234