I am trying to update from 10.0.2 to 10.0.3 using the system updates.
The problem I have is that I cannot approve the 10.0.3 update because it get's stuck at : Update for ZCM (10.0.3) May 15, 2008 Syncing (99%).
I tried manually, as describe in novell tid (I forgot the number), but no success. I tried manually as I know how to do it (copy the rpm files then rpm -Uhvf *.rpm) and it updated the files on the primary server. But now everytime I go to system updates, I get a pop-up saying that the 10.0.3 is not successfully applied, and I have to use the older system update page, which when I go there, I get: Update for ZCM (10.0.3) May 15, 2008 Syncing (99%).
I cleared the update serveral times, I have plenty of space on my server.
How can I move to 10.0.3 so I can upgrade to 10.1 ?