I have a question, but let me first explain youmy scenario:

I have right now 2 Novell 6 server, ( upgrade from 5.1), running as my
server for my academic and admistration departments. Both servers are
a Sonic wall firewall that acts as DHCP server and they have 2 dhcp
specified. One of the server has 2 nic cards one that connects to my
frame switch for all my school and one to allow connection in the
baracks. The school baracks run on a separate firewall and t1 line,
with the
firewall acting as DHCP.
Recently the school wondered if it was possible to restrain the
accesss to the internet and better monitor their access on the web.
I mention to the school dean the advantage of BM
Now the question,

Here is what I tought I could do since they only want to monitor
students in
the baracks:

Create a new novell 6 server and install BM on it, this new server
would be
only for the cadets in the baracks. Use the firewall for the baracks
only as
firewall and not as DHCP, allowing the new N6 with BM to be the DHCP
Use 3 Nic card in the new server one that takes the line form the
in and assign an IP addrss to the new server( question 2: do I need a
name for the IP address? I only have name for my mail server and web
server ), the second card would take the connection to the baracks and
third with only IPX enable would connect to the rest of the tree and
allow to connect to to other resource on the school servers.

Did I confuse all of you?? If so you are not alone...
The decision was made here at the school only today ..a week before
start...evend do it was proposed early this summer...what you
know...in the
big office are under the impression that is easy like turn on the
light...anyway.. any help suggestion or other idea would be greatly