Hi there !
I was just wondering about a little help ...

After migrating the filters to NDS on NW6 with BM 3.7 my public IP ( board ) does not respond to a ping anymore ... and does not ping

After installing NW, got internet connection setting everything OK.
Installed BM 3.7 just fine
still got connectivity ...
after flitsrv migrate it seems like the board does not respond
anymore. It
shows link but ... does not ping.

I stopped BM, still no ping.
I disabled the private board just in case, nothing.

could it be a hardware problem ?. The board is brand new and the
server is
still not as production server.

Config command shows IPs correctly set up and inetcfg shows both
boards as
Enabled. No Abend on server.

I am really confused.
I hope you can help me out a little bit.

Thanx in advance