Hi !
Dear Friends, the thing is more complicated than I thought !

I hope you can assist me !

We have 2 servers, the "old" running a NW 5 and a brand "new" running
NW 6.
Both servers have same public IP.

It apears that ( NW 5 production server online and running ) at the
of executing filtsvr migrate, it did migrate filters, but to the NW 5,

instead to the NW 6,I know so, because when you go to the public IP
address on the NW 5 to enter WebAccess ( GW 5.5 ) you get a "welcome
Netware 6" page with a no authorization error !.

I have 2 thing i MUST do :

1. Undo the migrate in the NW 5 NDS in order to access WebAccess ..
2. Do filtsvr migrate to the right server ( new with NW 6 ). ( can I
it again ?? )

I hope you can guide me to this ...
Thanx once more !