Good morning!
Running WinXPProSP2 workstations with client 4.91sp4, iPrint server is NW65SP7, eDirectory 8.8SP2, iPrint client is 04.32.00.

Opened the school year with 200+ machines using iPrint for the first time (had been using NDPS until late June). 8 assorted HP networked print devices, all hardware has been in place for 2 - 9 years.

Started the year flawlessly from an iPrint standpoint. From any machine, I could easily go to the iPrint server, add a printer, and have it work with zero errors.

In early December, users in one computer lab reported being unable to print to that lab's printer. After *much* testing and changing one element at a time, here is the situation:

1 - Computers in the lab (Lenovo Thinkpad R61 connecting to 100Mbps 3Com switch, same switch as the printer) cannot print to HP LJ 2100 in lab.
2 - I can delete the printer from the lab machines. I *cannot* reinstall the printer on the lab machines.
3 - I can install the lab printer on any other computer on campus, including over wireless bridge.
4 - I can print to the lab printer from any other computer on campus, including over wireless bridge.
5 - I can print from the lab computers to any other printer on campus, including over wireless bridge.
6 - I cannot print to lab printer from lab laptop if I take it from the lab and connect it to a FE drop in a classroom that is successfully printing to the lab.
7 - I have reimaged a lab laptop to its state as of the first day of school and still cannot print to this printer.

In other words, I have eliminated iPrint client errors (lab laptops print to other iPrint printers, other machines w/same iPrint client print to lab), have eliminated infrastructure issues (most "exotic" link I have is the wireless bridge, which is not an issue), have eliminated user config issues as a possibility, and, in short, eliminated all possible problems that could be causing this, thus leading me to wonder what *impossible* issues might be operating here...?

Any thoughts?