I have netstorage clustered on 2 servers running NW 6.5 SP7. It runs fine on one server, but not the other. In Remote Mgr on the good one, I see the correct container name under My Server\Software\Novell\XTier\Configuration\XSrv\Au thentication Domains. It's listed with the container name only, not o=container.

In RM on the bad one, I see 2 keys under Authentication Domains, one with the server IP and one with the name. The one with the name shows the correct context container name. The IP one shows o=container (instead of just the container name). I followed the regsvr process in TID 3374174 to recreate the keys and restarted Apache, but there's no change.

Should the command in step 4 be like the example:
regsvr DOMAIN1=

Or should it just have the container name after the colon?

Also, should I be able to actually delete the offending reg key in RM? Several TIDs indicate this, but I don't see any way to delete keys in RM.

Thanks for any help.