Waiting for BorderManager 3.8 today I tried to install
BorderManager 3.6 on a NetWare 6 SP3 box at a customers
site. But this server has JVM141 installed instead of JVM131.
When the "copying files" routine comes up with the dialog box
about whether newer found files should be overwritten, it
doesn't matter what option I select..... the copying routine
just stops after that/

So I setup a little test environment under VMWare and
found out that the copy routine works splendidly with
JVM131, but stalls with JVM141 after showing the dialog box
about overwriting files. So my question is how to downgrade
to JVM131 just for installing BM36?

So far I only found this TID:
But it didn't help, because when I tell NWCONFIG to install
BM36 once again, this doesn't get through to the X server.