We have recently set up Backup Exec 12.5 for windows and are in the process of moving over from BE 9.2/Netware. Right now I am testing jobs doing backup to disk to a locally attached MSA20 array. The media server and groupwise server in question are connected to the same switch running at 1GB speeds. The speed of the backup is only 200MB per minute. The target server is a DL380 G4 with 4GB memory, running Netware 6.5 SP7 and Groupwise 7.03. The backup job is using tsafsgw.nlm which has been configured properly. It is a fairly large POA, about 300GB / 600 users but at the time I'm testing it's not very heavily utilized. This is just about the same speed we were seeing backing up this server on the Netware side when everything was connected at 100MB and backups were running directly to tape. On another similar Netware server (DL380 G5) that is just a file server and backup up with only TSAFS.NLM I am seeing blazing speeds of up to 1500MB/min. One more thing to add, I believe that about a year ago the backups on the Groupwise server were just done with TSAFS.NLM (before a few issues forced us to start using tsafsgw) and the backup was a little faster then, about 250-275 MB/MIN.) So basically to you Netware/Groupwise/Storage people out there, is there anything I can do to move this along faster? Thanks!