hey everyone,
Got a local school with a Netware system and they've just bought aroud 180 MAC computers... I've got iPrint and LDAP authentication working nicely so far with some test accounts

What I'm looking to do is get the home drive for the user to mount on login to the MAC, but i'm getting an error about the home directory not being found...

i've got schema extensions done, but once I add the home dir extensions to a user account the user cannot log into the MAC at all via LDAP...

i've done it like this:

apple-user-homeDirectory =

apple-user-homeurl =

I can mount volumes manually using AFP, but we want at least the home directory to mount on login to somewhere like the desktop

Is there also somewhere I shold be looking in the logs on the MAC itself or the Netware box to try and catch an error message or diag message as to what is going on with these issues?

I've got these attribute mappings set up on the MAC box:

Groups = posixGroup and apple-group
Recordname = cn
RealName = cn
PrimaryGroupID = gidNumber
Groupmembership = Apple-group-memberUid
HomeDirectory = apple-group-homeurl
Users = InetOrgPerson, apple-user
RecordName = uid, cn
RealName = fullName, cn
UniqueID = uidNumber
PrimaryGroupID = gidNumber
NFSHomeDirectory = homeDirectory, apple-user-homeDirectory
HomeDirectory = apple-user-homeurl
Mounts = mount

not sure if I have moutn allocated to the eDir users though, should this be something in particular?