Hi !

Iam installing a new NW6 server, in order for you to get a clue of the

procedures, I will describe them, and then post the question.

- installed NW6 ( with SP3 )
- configured conectivity ( inetcfg )
- installed BM 3.7
- did the filtsrv migrate ( to this point i read about bm37sp2 for the

imanager plugins to work )
- installed bm37sp2 ( server goes terribly slow booting up ! )
- installed bm37fp3b

Server is still slow !.

did i do something wrong ?.
Iam reading Craig Johnson BM 3.x full book, and I did everything as
explained !

The bm37sp2ISS tell you to run FILTSRV REPAIR ( but i did type dist.
name for admin user ! ).

my guess is that the server goes slow when the logger screen
shows "Registering Filters", but it is just my point of view.

I hope you can help me out here !
Thanx in advance