My company is looking at disaster recovery solutions and is considering a hotsite backup at a sister affiliate office. What is being considered is to set up a server at the affiliate office running a virtual machine. Right now the intentions are to take a virtual image of our servers, Netware and Windows, run that image from the virtual machine at the remote location, and to test the recovery plan, we also need to take our backup tapes and restore to the copies on the virtual machine.

I see that VMWare has a solution that uses Portlock that could help with the Netware Servers, would Xen work as well? I'm just looking for feedback from people that have a more developed offsite disaster recovery method in place for what worked best for them.

We are not looking for our entire operation to be recoverable in this solution, we have identified our critical systems and want to develop a plan in case our building becomes inaccessible. Since files and email are still hosted off of Netware, I'm looking for ideas to migrate to virtual...and use this for a bridge point to switch to a virtual infrastructure as well.