We are currently running NW 6.5 sp8, GW Messenger 2.0.4 and for some reason
the auto-update
doesn't seem to be working.

All users are able to log into IM after clicking OK to continue logging in.

This is the error message I'm seeing:

"Setup could not receive data from server: <IM server> (106)"

Click OK

"Unable to update your client software. Please try again later."

In ConsoleOne > MessengerService > Client Update, I have verified that
"Enable client auto-update" is checked.

//Novel/NM/ma/software is the default software path

I have confirmed that the software path is correct.

I've also confirmed that /client/win32/bin/other/nmcl32.ver shows:

date=30/9/2008 13:14:21

I've also deleted NVLMSGR.EXE and restarted MA & AA to recompile it.

Any thoughts on what I can try to resolve this (106) error?

Thank you,