I need to copy some files from one directory to another on a Netware 6.5 sp6 server. Here is what I am using and couldn't get everything to copy over to the destination directory.

load toolbox
cd "server"/datavol2:users/"user"/manuals/operator qualification plan/oq support data/support/oq old files

Now, here using toolbox the names of course are abbreviated and I am actually typing in the abbreviated names but I wanted to show you how long the file names are and how deep the folder structure goes. The whole reason I am doing the copy from the server is because this particular user has exceeded the folder structure depth and the filenames size limit for windows xp operating system and can no longer move, copy, or edit these files.

cp operat~1 "servername"/datavol2:users/"user"/delete -ds

Once I do this, the files copy, but not all of them!! some of the folders do not copy and some of the files in each one of the folders do not copy either.

Please help!!! Is there a program I can use in windows to do the copy of long filenames and directory's?