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Thread: Copy data from NetWare NSS to OES2 NSS

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    Copy data from NetWare NSS to OES2 NSS

    Which utility should I use to copy data from NetWare NSS to OES2 NSS volumes?

    The SCMT or the Migration utility?

    I tried the latest version of the SCMT And it failed because it "couldn't login", but I was already mapped to the destination server's drive (NCP obviously since it's an NSS volume).

    I've tried the Migration utility in OES 2 (not OES 2 SP1) in two diff. environments and it consistently fails when trying to talk to the Source Server LDAP server (although I can login just fine via LDAP anywhere else--even with an LDAP browser from the OES2 server, just not with the stuipd migration utility).

    OES2 is fully patched (well, up to before SP1 if that makes any sense) and SMS is up and running.

    DSTRACE shows it's doing a search for t=* for some strange reason.
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