I'm trying to set up backups on oes2sp1 server using commvault Galaxy OES filesystem agent. (v7.0 with all sp's and updates).
Per Commvault, the tsafs needs to be in Dual mode for their agent to work.
In order to troubleshoot, I run tsatest from another server with following results:

Running tsatest from server1 to backup data on server2 using command:
tsatest --server server2 --volume sys2: --path \test

If tsafs on server2 is in Netware mode, the test data on sys2 backs up successfully as expected.
If tsafs on server2 is in Dual mode, I see error- "invalid option -v"

If I understand documentation correctly, the "Dual" mode should expose both linux filesystem and Netware volume (for lack of better term), so the tsatest command using the --volume flag should also work in Dual mode.
Also in the backup software, I only see the Linux filesystem as a selection, no 'Volumes'.

Is there some other configuration I need to make the Dual mode work correctly or am I just misunderstanding how this should work.
thanks for any help,