>I need a little help/advice on setting this up. A couple
>of questions. I want to create a 2 firewall DMZ. I am
>looking to add a BM server as my 2nd
>firewall. Now my current firewall is BM 3.7 and
>it has a public and private side to my internal network.
>The 2nd firewall.. how do I go about setting this up..
>similar to this.. BM server - 2 nics.. one to public and
>2nd to DMZ.. does the webserver in the DMZ need a 2nd or
>3rd nic? Will it also need a public IP or can I NAT is
>from the BM server? I also want to do reverse proxy..can
>u do this from the web server or does it need to be done
>from the BM server? what connects the BM & webserver
>(DMZ) to the internal network?