Yesterday I added a new printer device which required
downloading the current print drivers and uploading
these drivers to the broker. (basic routine process)

The XP driver loaded without problems.

Attempted to load a PPD driver (for Xerox WC7274) which
not only errored in iManager (2.7.1), but caused 2 ABENDs
on the server that holds the single broker for our site.

This morning I reboot that server to clear the ABEND state
and get not just multiple ABENDs, but it the server restarts
itself multiple times. (I was off in an alternate machine room
to do a restart on another server that has problems with it's
iLO interface).

Stop the broker server from loading on one of the restarts
and load -na. Comment out broker, ndpsm, and vpstart (in
case it was a bad update from Symantec). After the server
successfully starts, manually load broker. Which appears to
start up OK rebuilding the RMS database, but then ABENDs
the server. Ended up dropping to debug to restart the server
since I lost the console prompt to an attempt to unload broker.

I've loaded NDPSM to have some printing available to users, since
there are 125 printers on this same server, but I'm not sure how
long that will be usable. Since the semester starts Monday and
this is our main academic server, I'd prefer to resolve this problem
this morning if at all possible.

This leads to my question: Is the RMS database something I can
restore from a backup prior to adding the apparently faulty PPD
driver? Or is the RMS database the collection of all the drivers
that would allow me to simply delete the driver files?