In November I started a thread called "NSS volumes suddenly lost". That
thread seems to have died, but we're still having a problem, and I've
find another aspect that may be related to our problem.

Twice within the last several weeks the eDirectory daemon, ndsd, has
died on our main server for unknown reasons. This caused all logged in
users to lose their network drives through the Novell client.

In the thread I previously mentioned there was talk about the memory
being used by ndsd. I've been monitoring that on our server the last
couple of days, and I've notice some strange things. First, ndsd comes
and goes from the process list in Novell Remote Manager. Is that
normal? Second, when it does appear, ndsd is shown to be using negative
virtual memory. Here's the data I found yesterday and today. The last
number in each record is the virtual memory usage.

1/8/09 8:33 ndsd root 7522 (Sleep) 10% 18 210:39.54 1024 (0.16%)
1/8/09 13:30 ndsd root 7522 (Sleep) 39% 18 236:30.67 1024 (0.21%)
1/8/09 15:58 ndsd root 7522 (Sleep) 6% 18 249:39.72 1024 (0.23%)
1/9/09 8:45 ndsd root 7522 (Sleep) 4% 18 263:50.34 2048 (0.26%)

What do these negative numbers mean? Obviously there's no such thing as
negative memory usage. Is it a cosmetic programming error, or is
something seriously wrong with ndsd? Is a known bug causing our users
to be disconnected, and is there a fix or workaround?

We're running OES2 64-bit with 8 GB RAM. I have not yet installed SP1,
and I believe that someone in the previous thread indicated that it
didn't help anyway. Thanks for any assistance.

- Jim Wagner