OES2 server with NSS on it. Fully patched (at least up to before SP1.) DOES NOT HAVE SP1 on it.

Anyway, I'm trying to mount a "remote" NSS Volume on NetWare 6.5.7 from the OES2 Linux server.

I follow TID #3797138

I mkdir /mnt/data3

I then:
ncpmount -A -S SERVER3 -U .userid.something.something -V data3 /mnt/data3

It prompts me for a login for my userid
I type it in
It returns me to the prompt

I then cd /mnt/data3
All is okay until I do an "ls"

I've been waiting over an hour and it's still just sitting there with a blinking cursors.

Server is on the same network segment as the NetWare server and it's gigabit link.

At this point it'd be faster to copy the data through my workstation by mapping the drives on my PC.

Is it supposed to work and if so, is it supposed to be this slow?

I've tried this on 3 other servers going to three diff. NetWare boxes with the same results.