We are running ZCM 10.1.2 on a Windows 2003 server w/ firewall disabled. I have an image for a Dell Optiplex 755 ready to go and I configured a hardware rule that says if Product Information contains '755' then used image 'Opti755.zmg'.

I unbox a brand new 755 and PXE boot. An IP is assigned and everything seems to be going well. The installation system loads, but then I get an error stating 'unable to read from PXE server' and something about 'Error:9'. When I perform a manual installation everything is fine. I also tried to do this based on amount of RAM and I get the same result. What is even stranger is that I try to do the exact same thing on a Dell GX260 and I get a similar error except that it is 'Error:91'.

On a side note, the DHCP service on my imaging server crashes several times a day.

Thanks in advance,