We have a few 6.5 servers still at SP3. Shortly we plan on patching them to
SP7. However --- we're looking for the correct procedure to upgrade the
web interface as well.

Would this be the best route to take?
1. Apply Sp7
2. Apply Sp7 post patches
3. Uninstall Apache2 Web Server, Tomcat 4 Servlet container, Apache 2
Admin Server, iManager 2.0.2, iMonitor, Tomcat4 Admin Instance.
4. Reinstall all of the above with the SP7 Product CD's.

We found this in the iManager 2.7 online docs, and we looked in the docs for
Sp7 --- but haven't been able to put together what the best procedure would
be and if installing 2.6, then 2.7 is the way to go -- or if we can just go
to 2.7.

iManager Docs - "If you upgrade from NetWare 6.5 SPx to SP7, and you have
iManager 2.5 or 2.6 installed, iManager will be upgraded to iManager 2.7.
Additionally, if iManager 2.0.2 is installed, it will not be upgraded to
iManager 2.7 and will be left unchanged. In order to upgrade from iManager
2.0.2 to iManager 2.7, you must first upgrade to iManager 2.6. The NW65SP7
documentation includes all the necessary prerequisites and procedures for
installing iManager 2.7 on NetWare 6.5."

Thank you for any help.