Upgraded from GW703HP1 to GW8 tonight. My POA is reporting some errors when
running the QF update.

Following is from the POA log:
22:12:33 092 TCP/IP read timeout [8912]
(GWSERVER/EMAIL:\GWSYSTEM\PO\HOPO\oftemp\gwdca\in\4967cad1.t mp) (see GWDCA

If I look for the DCA log (found at OFTEMP\gwdca\log), it has entries:

01-09-09 22:07:41 ******* Document Convert Agent Configuration Information
01-09-09 22:07:41
01-09-09 22:07:41 General Settings:
01-09-09 22:07:41 Agent Version: ()
01-09-09 22:07:41 Server Platform: Novell NetWare 5.70
01-09-09 22:07:41 Work Directory:
01-09-09 22:07:41
01-09-09 22:07:41 Log Settings:
01-09-09 22:07:41 Log File:
GWSERVER/EMAIL:\GWSYSTEM\PO\HOPO\oftemp\gwdca\log\0109dca.0 02
01-09-09 22:07:41 Log Level: NORMAL
01-09-09 22:07:41 Max Log File Age (days): 7
01-09-09 22:07:41 Max Log Disk Space (kb): 65536
01-09-09 22:07:41
01-09-09 22:07:41 Client/Server Settings:
01-09-09 22:07:42 Unable to bind to port 51200- already in use. GWDCA is
shutting down

This server has several POA's loaded at the same time. I'm guessing that
the port is being used by one of them. Presumably there's a way of setting
a port for the DCA, but I don't see it in the startup switches nor C1.

I was able to find in the documentation reference to the new Document
Conversion Agent, but no place where it says how to do anything with it...

Any ideas?