Running NW65SP8, and tonight I upgraded my GW703HP1 installation to GW8.
Initially I couldn't get GWIA to load, but to make a long story short, it
wouldn't load in protected memory, unless I took out one of the other
address spaces. So for now I'm loading GWIA in the kernel.

Is there a limit to the number of protected address spaces I can run on a
NW65SP8 box? There was a similar posting in this newsgroup a few years back
(see "Protected Memory Limitations" Nov-2005), back then the person said
they were hitting a limit on 10, I seem to be hitting the limit after 24.
What changed with GW8 is an extra address space for document conversion per
POA that gets loaded, so now GW is calling up more address spaces than it
did before, and bang, I can't load my modules like I did previously.

Any ideas? There's tons of memory on this machine, NRM in VIEW MEMORY
CONFIG shows:
Physical Server Memory
Memory Usage Actual Peak Value
NLM Memory 974,995,456 1,007,198,208
File System Cache 859,602,944 1,765,134,336
Extended File System Memory 4,076,863,488 4,076,863,488
Virtual Memory System 78,606,336 97,345,536
Extended Virtual Memory System 178,376,704 184,619,008
Free Memory 1,566,875,648 675,536,896*
DOS, Video, Misc. Memory 4,268,032 4,268,032
Extended Server Memory In Use 4,261,412,864 4,261,412,864
Total System Memory 8,584,622,080 N/A