I am hoping I might get some advice to make a planned BMgr server
migration go smoothly. Currently we have Bmgr 3.0 EE running on a
NW5.0 server. We use it for packet filtering and NAT. On the same
server, we are also running Gw 5.5 Domain, GWIA and MTA. Three PO's
exist on separate servers. I realize that Bmgr is preferably run on a

dedicated server, but available resources being what they were, it was

our only option.

We recently purchased NW 6.0, BMgr 3.7, and GW 6.5, as well as upgrade

protection for all three products. Also, we purchased enough new
servers to allow us to move the GW agents to their own box, which
allows BMgr to be the sole application running on it's server. We
have five public ip addresses, but are currently using only one of
them, which is of course bound to the BMgr server's public interface.
Our public ip address range is - 38

Our domain name and website is hosted by an isp, who has an mx recordset to xx.xx.xx.34.

The BMgr server is named BORDER. It's public ip address is, private is

The new GW server is named GRPWISE. It's private ip address is It is up and running, and eventually will host the GW
Domain, GWIA and MTA processes.

The new BMgr server is installed in the rack, and will eventually be
the target server when server BORDER is migrated. It will assume
BORDER's internal ip address at migration time.

The questions:

A) I think I need to start by moving the GW Domain, MTA, and GWIA from

server BORDER to server GRPWISE. This will mean altering network
address and server directory parameters in the GWIA setup screen, andthen modifying SMTP and POP3 packet filter settings in BMgr 3.0.

What I'm not clear on is if I need to use reverse proxy, static NAT,
or mail proxy to allow GWIA correct access to and from BORDER's public

interface. Currently, since GWIA is loaded on BORDER, none of those
methods are used. Any suggestions?

Once all of this is done, I will want to setup GW webaccess, which I
assume might require the use of a second public ip addy and reverse
proxy. Also, I may have a need to provide secure telnet access to anAS/400 box, which again I assume may require an additional public ip
addy and reverse proxy. Any thoughts?

B) Once Groupwise is operating correctly on the new server, I will
need to migrate server BORDER to the new hardware. I realize that
because the interface names will change that the filt.cfg file will
not transfer without modification (this assumes that I try to run BMgr

3.0 on the upgraded (NW 6.0) OS). Is it better to document all filter

exceptions in use, and then install BMgr 3.7 from scratch on the newly

migrated server?

C) On the same subject, I've read conflicting statements regarding
compatability between BMgr 3.0/3.7 and NW 5.0/6.0. First it was BMgr3.0 will not run on NW 6.0, and then it was BMgr 3.7 will not run on
NW 5.0. Are either (or both) of these statements true?

Sorry for being long-winded. I'm just trying to prevent surprises
through this upgrade process.


Jeff Palmer