Greetings all. Does anyone have experience with clustering or
making BM highly available for purposes of HTTP acceleration? I have a

client interested in doing this and it appears that there options are


1. Configure multiple BM servers and do DNS round robin to spread
load. (not truly redundant but I assume the client would eventually
the next server in the pool?)
2. Standby Server for Netware (now owned by Caminosoft?) Anyone used

this with BM installed?
3. Cluster Services. TID10053409 states that only proxies are
but I wanted to know if that meant filtering still works but must be manually synced between the two servers? The retail price of a base
cluster license is $3999.00 with a 10 user CUAL. I *assumed* that web

traffic coming through a pair of BM servers would not constitute a
license requirement?

Thanks for any assistance you can give.