my question is about setting up a cluster at 2 sites (with BCC?). I now have a 5-node cluster on 1 site and want to have the possibility of a disaster recovery. therefor we bought an extra 5 nodes and we now have our san's mirrored (DELL EMC CX-320)

Also i want the opportunity to use a node from site 2 when a node from site one fails (the storage will still be on the primary/site 1 location)

Is this possible with Novell Business Continuity cluster or is that only for disaster recovery

within our network it should be possible..we have 1Gbit ethernet connection and 2Gbit fibre connection between the sites (30 km distance)

or is there any other software which can do this like EMC Autostart (for windows/linux) or SRM from VMWare

Thanx in advance for any comments..