Good morning, running NW65SP8 (was updated just before XMAS), this morning
the server stopped responding completely, couldn't get a PING response,
couldn't get remote console to work, even going to the physical console
didn't let me do anything, no error, it was just frozen. Then a bit after
(I'm guessing a minute?), it starts responding and I see on the system

1-12-2009 8:38:51 am: SERVER-5.70-276 [nmID=4001A]
A scheduled "Work To Do" took over one minute to be run.

Seems OK other than that.

Other item of note is I updated to GW8 Friday (Jan 9th) night (was at
GW7SP3HP1 previously). Also note that a QF update was running at the time.

What does this error mean and what should I do? I saw some old posts/TIDs
on this and they referred to at that time to update the TCP modules, but
there are no updates available. Note my current TCP.nlm is presumably the
one that comes with NW65SP8 patch, that is the command M TCP yields:
Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\] on Jan 10, 2009 12:30:02 am
(Address Space = OS)
Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (NULL encryption)
Version 6.82.04 September 30, 2008
Copyright 1994-2008 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Patent pending.

No entries were put in ABEND.LOG either.