I'm having a DHCP problem with NW6.5 SP7.

I have remote users that VPN into our LAN through a firewall appliance. The firewall does DHCP relay to our Netware DHCP/DNS server.

For some reason, certain clients are unable to "keep" their DHCP assigned address.

What happens is:

  • They log into the VPN.
  • They get an IP address.
  • Then about five seconds later, the address goes away and they get one of those Microsoft auto-assigned addresses.

I am including the following files in daybrite.zip:

ipconfig.txt - This is IPCONFIG output from the problem PC trying to VPN in.

DHCPSRVR.LOG - The DHCP server log file for this event.

dhcp1-filtered.cap - A packet capture of data exchanged between the firewall and the DHCP server.

The following IP addresses are: - DNS/DHCP server. - Firewall to - DHCP scope. - The IP address that was momentarily acquired by the VPN client. - Home network (VPN end point).

Can anyone interpret what is going on here?