I have a NetWare 6.5 SP7 server and I am trying the Yosemite Backup software to work with Tangberg_LTO-4 HH tape drive.

When I load the adpu320.ham driver, I got error: Device TANGBERG_LTO_4 HH has not been tested with this driver. Driver will attempt generic support. Use at your own risk!!

Then when I tried to do a restore from the Yosemite Backup program, the server abended and I have to cold boot the server.

I then noticed if I unload NWTAPE before I load Yosemite Backup, it seems to do backup and restore fine. I saw some people have issue with NTAPE after SP7 and the Yosemite backup software is only certified to run on NW6.5SP5. I am checking with their technical support to confirm if I really need to have the NWTAPE loaded for their backup program to run.

My question how I can stop NWTAPE from auto-load, do I just rename the NWTAPE.* from the C:\NWSERVER\driver folder?

Secondly, why do I need to load NWTAPE? I saw some posts for Arcserve that NWTAPE has to been unloaded before loading Arcserver.

Hope someone can help.