This may just be my interpretation so take it with a grain of salt. With
GW8 POA you get the DCA which indexing documents not previously indexed. If
you have users with tons of PDF or other documents that weren't indexed
before, and you happen to have a non-default qflevel in your POA startup
file (say for instance /qflevel-999 which says to index everything), you may
be looking at a killer long QF update the first time it runs.

I'm changing mine to /qflevel-1 (or maybe 2), my QF updates have been
running forever on just one user (and I had problems because of multiple
POA's on the same server having conflicting GWDCA's trying to use the same
ports... trying different IP's for the POA's tonight).

2 questions though:

- /qflevel-999 - as per qflevel
1 is low priority, 2 is medium, and 3 is high, but what priority thread
level is created for 999?

- if you have /qflevel-999 and initiate a QF rebuild (CTRL+Q) at the POA, is
it going to reindex all the emails AND all the attachments because of the
GWDCA? If so then this takes away a repair option admins had when having
corrupt index problems... or rather they can still do the rebuild, but on
larger post offices it'll take forever before the searches start being
useful again...