I had a server crash today (LHSS1). I was able to take the hard drives out and put them in another server (LHSS2) so that we would have access to the data on them. We are planning to purchase new hardware to put the old hard drives (LHSS1) in to.

Once I get the new hardware, can I boot the current server using the sys drive (LHSS1) from the crashed server (it was the exact same motherboard, etc.) and run an upgrade to the new server (NEW LHSS1) (I have an extra hard drive) and then put the other SYS drive (LHSS2) back into the old server and run everything again like it used to be? LHSS2 has a MASTER replica on it. I would like to have everything stay the same with just LHSS1 being on a new server. Do I have to have LHSS2 up and running while I'm doing the upgrade to a new server with LHSS1?

Thanks in advance for any help given.