Trying to find a solution for this scenario and haven't found a dang thing,
dang it!

It really feels like Novell has abandoned NetWare, yet does not have a
full-on working replacement. Actually this is typical Novell operating
procedure, eg NWadmin -> ConsoleOne -> iManager, so I really ought to be
used to it eh? Still wanna whine about it though because I keep hoping that
THIS year they will get it right - come on Novell! We the loyal NetWare
sysadmins are rooting for you ... for a litte while longer.

The options at this point appear to be :
1. Novell Server Migration/Consolidation Toolkit v1.2. Yup, says right there
in the doc that you can migrate NetWare to NetWare. Seems simple enough -
install a NetWare pre-migration server in a XEN vm, etc.

But then I read this:
"Migration Wizard does not migrate any products and services that are
running on the source server. After the migration is complete, you need to
reinstall all applications on the destination server and reconfigure them,
if necessary."

Ya gotta be kiddin' me! That is not much of a migration tool. Hell I could
easily do this kind of migration with dsbk for edir and a tape restore of
the data volume(s).

I ***** because I am trying to virtualize a server running ZEN 7, dhcp,
iManager 2.7.2 and NTP. And with this migration 'Wizard" I have to
re-install/re-configure all of that!?

Option 2. Haven't found anything...

So I post my plea to the perspicacious pundits, purveyors and perusers of
this forum hoping for a panoply of pleasing, if not pleasant, posts.