We have:
- Netware 6.5 SP7
- Workstations are running Windows XP Pro SP3
- Workstation client versions 4.91 SP4 and SP5 have both been tried (IP only mode)

We have about 75 workstations but only this one particular machine is having the problem (its a Dell Optiplex 760). When the user tries to connect to the apps volume they receive the error: "Go to Control Panel to install and configure components". The workstation is connecting to about 5 volumes, but only the apps volume gives this error. All other volume connections work ok. The user's old computer doesn't have the problem, so it isn't a rights issue.

On the volume that is not working I renamed the "autorun.inf" file but that didn't fix it. I can manually map the drive and it works ok. I only get the error when it is mapped from the login script (the drive mapping from the login script works ok, the error is when I try to access the mapped drive).

Any other ideas would be appreciated...