In my testing I have seen that PC's that are not connected to the network for a period of time have many issues when returning to the network. If a ZCM has been updated in the interim, it does not seem to update the client or in general know what to do. Yesterday, I connected a test system to the network that had not been connected for 6 weeks. I received 1700 error messages regarding the system. I manually uninstalled the client and performed a reinstallation and all was well. But, we have faculty and staff that travel for months at a time and this is unacceptable.

My thinking now is that I want my ZCM server to be accessible from the anywhere. Ergo, put an external IP address on it. My questions are as follows:

1 - From my observations, a ZCM client appears to go through resolving server by both IP Address and DNS name when it comes online. Is this correct?

2 - If this is true, then what I want to do is to create an external DNS entry for my ZCM server so that the client can resolve and contact the server from anywhere. Will this work?

3 - If the ZCM clients are dependent on IP address only discovery can I put an additional IP address on my ZCM server. Ergo one external and one internal? Will this work?

Thanking you in advance for your input into this!!!